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Posted at 08:49' 27/05/2014
Thanh Hoa City Comprehensive Socio - Economic Development Project. ADB funding.

The project aims to contribute to the establishment of Thanh Hoa City as a liveable, competitive and sustainable city, strengthening its role as provincial capital serving the social and economic development of the province. It is a coherent and multi-sectoral project that targets strategic infrastructure and socio-economic development to support industry and tourism development and lay the foundation for achieving the Thanh Hoa Province SEDP goal of Class 1 city status for Thanh Hoa City by 2015. This will contribute to building a back-bone of intermediate towns playing an important role in the region as well as at the national level. The expected long term impacts of the comprehensive development of Thanh Hoa City will be urban growth, reduction of rural migration to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and employment creation leading to poverty alleviation. The project also intends to establish a model of well-managed and functional urban development that can be replicated in other medium sized cities.

Five sub-components will contribute to achieving the above objectives


(1) Urban Road Development,

(2) Water Supply Upgrading and Expansion,

(3) Drainage and Wastewater Network and Treatment,

(4) Human Resource Development

(5) Tourism Development.

Components 2 and 3 and a part of component 1 are considered as priority investments to address serious environmental problems. The urban road development, the human resource development and the tourism development will improve upon and refocus the city’s past development trends.

                                                                Thanh Hoa Wastewater Treatment Plant