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Posted at 09:38' 14/03/2016
Solid waste management

We have a group of experienced experts and partners who have participated in various projects in sector of solid waste management and treatment. We can provide to clients and partners various kinds of services, including:

  • Assessment of existing solid waste collection system, analysis and provide solution for enhancement of operational efficiency;
  • Preparation of feasibility studies, basic design, detailed design, working design, construction supervision of solid waste treatment projects;
  • Appraisal and validation of design and solution for solid waste management and treatment;
  • Overall planning of solid sewage management and solid sewage treatment complex;
  • Selection of the location of landfills/solid sewage sanitary landfill sites; the construction location of solid sewage treatment plants (compositing…)
  • Proposals of urban sewage and toxic waste treatment technology;
  • Plan for solid sewage collection and delivery, terminal storage planning;
  • Technical design for plants and equipment selection;
  • Preparation for technical criteria, bidding document evaluation;
  • Architectural landscape design;
  • Design for structure and construction; construction supervision and testing operation;