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Posted at 08:47' 14/03/2016
Quality management (QA&QC)

At AE Vietnam, we classify the quality management into three stages:

Plan quality management services

Our engineers will provides expertise to evaluate the situation of projects or investment proposals at beginning phase then recommend to clients all mechanism of management of quality, including: Quality management plan, Process improvement plan, Quality metrics, Quality checklists and Project documents updates.

With practical experience from implementation of various project, we understand that quality management at beginning stage would help the client avoids risks and having necessary preparation for successful implementation of project.

Perform Quality Assurance

We provide service of quality assurance which aims to support clients on improvement of mechanism for quality management, ensure project and works are being compliant with technical specification and relevant requirements.

Quality control (construction supervision)

AE Vietnam has established a systematic procedure for control quality of construction project, we also developed our own software for site management which helps for monitoring of quality, cost, schedule and work journal at multiple sites. We offer our services of quality control for construction of various kind of construction project, including: building, irrigation, drainage, water & wastewater treatment plant, water supply system, pumping station, etc.