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Posted at 08:51' 27/05/2014
Project on Water Quality Improvement for Japanese Bridge in Hoi An City. JICA Funding.

The project of water quality improvement for Japanese Bridge area in Hoi An city aims to improve the sanitation and flood prevention, enhancing the management capacity and services of operation companies.

Project objectives:

(i) Reduction of floods in project area;

(ii) Upgrading of network and current infrastructure systems;

(iii) Expanding of water coverage up to 80-90% from now to 2020;

(iv) Wastewater treatment to use wastewater after treatment as resource;

(v) Promoting methods for providing services according to market orientation;

(vi) Raising better awareness about the impacts of sanitary problems towards community’s health, sustainable environment and economy via public education;

(vii) Gradual replacement of benefits replacing cost by the cost of drainage service consumption;

                                                        Chua Cau Wastewater Treatment Plant  

 Investment items:

- Construction of Chua Cau wastewater treatment station with capacity of 2,000 (m3/d).

- Reconstruction and channelization, culvertization of O O drain with the size of B=1000 (mm) to B=3000(mm) with the length of 2.7km.