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Posted at 09:42' 14/03/2016
Environmental Impact Assessment & Sustainability Services

Nowadays, Climate change and global warming are the greatest environmental challenges of the world. Therefore, everyone in the world should be a part of solution to mitigate the climate change. With this reason, experts and engineers of AE Vietnam always work with our knowledge, experience, carefulness, effort in each step to ensure that our services are eco-friendly and thus, bringing the sustainability to the environment.

AE Vietnam has implemented various projects in field of infrastructure development for both urban and rural areas. Throughout of project’s execution, our teams of engineers have implemented many EIA and mini-EIA for assessing impacts of the project(s) to the environment.

The climate change is now became a big global concern then the Environmental Impact Assessment is being very necessary and requires proper implementation for projects. AE Vietnam commits to provide a highest quality of service of Environmental Impact Assessment to the Clients and Partners.