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Posted at 06:07' 17/07/2015
Central Region Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project. ADB Funding.

Sub-project: Inter-commune of Vinh Thanh, Long Thanh, Khanh Thanh, Trung Thanh, Yen Thanh District, Nghe An Province.

The project aims to support the national strategy on rural water supply and sanitation until 2020 (RWSS 2020), with the target of 100% residents living in rural area (i) using clean water meeting the national standards with minimum quality of 80 liters/person/day; (ii) using sanitary privy; and (iii) improving behaviors and personal hygiene practices. It includes the following components:

-  Component 1: Sustainable construction and management, operation of centralized water supply system;

-   Component 2: Improving household sanitation and public hygiene;

-   Component 3: Raising the awareness and hygiene practices of community;

-   Component 4: Building capacity on making plans and implementation;

-   Component 5: Building capacity on project management;