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Posted at 06:23' 15/03/2016
At AE VIETNAM JSC, we create an active and professional working environment for all staffs. Our engineers and staffs are young and proactive. They, our engineers, all have lots of technical experiences in the field of construction engineering including preparation of feasibility study report, detailed design, bidding preparation and evaluation, and construction supervision.
Posted at 09:56' 14/03/2016
Our team has provided expertise in socio-economic assessment in various projects in Vietnam. We have a professional team of experts specializing in society, poverty reduction, gender, HIV/AIDS, value chain, supply chain, climate change, etc.
Posted at 09:49' 14/03/2016
Experienced from many projects implemented by AE Vietnam and also from previous experiences, our architects and engineers will deliver a high quality of various scale of master plan for infrastructure development.
Posted at 09:47' 14/03/2016
Our focus is on the sustainable urban development with the service on infrastructure planning such as designing roads, water supply and sewerage systems, electrical systems for urban areas, cities, and metropolises. We also offer the efficiency analysis serving for the investment in urban development of Clients.
Posted at 09:45' 14/03/2016
Many of rural communities lack sufficient and clean water supply, wastewater treatment, food security, roads, etc, leading to the low living standard of people. AE Company has implemented many rural development projects which support to improve the rural infrastructure, the access to services as water, transport, creating the sustainable economic development, then bringing the better lives for members of rural communities especially Ethnic minorities and women.
Posted at 09:42' 14/03/2016
Nowadays, Climate change and global warming are the greatest environmental challenges of the world. Therefore, everyone in the world should be a part of solution to mitigate the climate change. With this reason, experts and engineers of AE Vietnam always work with our knowledge, experience, carefulness, effort in each step to ensure that our services are eco-friendly and thus, bringing the sustainability to the environment.
Posted at 09:38' 14/03/2016
We have a group of experienced experts and partners who have participated in various projects in sector of solid waste management and treatment. We can provide to clients and partners various kinds of services
Posted at 09:34' 14/03/2016
Wastewater management is the sector that always plays an important role in socio-economic life of Vietnam. The Government and Vietnamese people have been trying to improve the wastewater infrastructure management to enhance the living standard of people.
Posted at 09:30' 14/03/2016
Our engineers and experts have participated in many drainage and sanitation projects for both urban and rural development in Vietnam. We has developed our owned utilities for design, hydraulic calculation and module design for Wastewater & Storm water Collection Systems.
Posted at 09:27' 14/03/2016
 AE Vietnam understands that today water has became the most important concern of countries, the protection and management of water resources are high priority of many governments when making country development strategy. I n recent years, our company has been responsible for many nationwide water supply projects with high quality. We ensure that we can provide a sustainable and climate resilient water supply in the long-term.
Posted at 09:05' 14/03/2016
AE Vietnam has a team of topography & geotechnical survey with experience in various of construction works, such as: road projects, water supply, drainage and site levelling, etc.
Posted at 09:01' 14/03/2016
High efficiency of energy and water saving has become a big concern of building operation and being demand of most clients. We understand the HVAC component is a continual focus for our clients. Our HVAC teams are well placed to meet the challenges facing industry. Our engineers are constantly extending the envelope of possibility to improve the performance of buildings while tracking costs, buildability and program realities.
Posted at 08:59' 14/03/2016
Our engineers take into account that building structure is the most important part of design which needs to be ensured for safety of whole structure of works. We work closely with clients to ensure all requirements are being taken into account and our architects, structural designers and building partners will execute the works with best collaboration to deliver best value to the client.
Posted at 08:55' 14/03/2016
Our services of building operation will provide to client solution for operation of building with high standards of safety, simple, sustainability and high efficiency.